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2022 Scholarship Recipients

Our 2022 scholarship award winners share what they’re looking forward to achieving!

I am looking to expand my knowledge in the construction/business environment. I went to college for business and finished two years of the three. I decided I wanted to go a different direction in my life at the time. I am now ready to finish what I started to better myself and my opportunities in the future.

Erica Roberts, Business Major (Good-Men Roofing & Construction, Inc.)

Marketing is a highly competitive and rewarding field. I have always been a creative problem solver and feel I can utilize this skill set in the ever changing and exciting world of marketing, especially digital marketing.

Grace Rucka, Business-Marketing (Malarkey Roofing Products)

I have always had a passion for people with disabilities. The field of speech language pathology has always deeply interested me because I could help those with disabilities in one of the most critical parts of their lives through communication. I have done extensive volunteer work in both medical and school settings. I have also worked closely with speech pathologists to obtain my speech language pathology assistance license.

Candace Olivia Ford, MS Communications Sciences & Disorders (Roofline)